My daily

Today I went out at six o´clok  I went to school came in tho class,went at 12  o´clok. Went to house , did the homowork of english and spanish I went to eat meatballs. My mother and sister went to work usually I also go . I go to class the taitiano and hawaiano after go to class english .To ninght go to house bathing and slepping   


The traditional meal

The pozole tradicional

The traditional meal of mexicans is pozole served in the family events also baptismos weddings brithdays fifteen years family meetings .You nedd some pork , beef,chiken,chile the color ,garlic, onios, tomatoes, cilnatro hominy . The decorate need some radishes lettuce and toast .
This foods origins in new spain.This foood is the origin mexican .Thes have many different forms to preparate in the city.There some types as pozole red green white .in the state guerrero you need tomato green in colima you need cheese white. Different ingredients because same taste

My dream home

My dream home is a penthouse in the new york.there are five roms in the two ben and one tv one desk one mirror big one sofa nice lamps and dresser big and one balcony view a city new york.
there is one kitchen three bathroom. there is a garden an swiminpool