My family

My family is very fun. We’re six people, my father is name is Hugo. He’s traveling the weekends because my mother is sick. He likes action movies, candy, cake and Mexican food .He dislikes vegetables. My mother is name matilde she cooks n the morning and she is take care of baby in the afternoon. She works as the receptions and sales person with my father. She likes soup operas and movies. She dislikes bread. I have three sisters. Their names are Juliet, Maria José, and Alison. Juliett is studying the university in the ciudad Guzman .Maria José studying in the colegio .she is very funny. She has ten years old. My sister juliett traveling with my father the next weekend. Alison is baby she likes play, eat, and sleep :).She is very small and laugher. Always my parents is working but no have much time to spend with my family but they are always with me .all my family like soup operas and movies