Dear Dr. Hilda


Yesterday  I went to good parry is the famous party for other person  but my  father  seid you can`t gone and this parrty is dangerous . after my mother said ok go… but you cant  arreid  late… i`m went the parry but i`m arreid late 😦 .My parents is engry with my and punish

What sould ihave done..?


Rules in the classromm

  1. You ‘ve got to bring your homework dairly
  2. You can play single games
  3. You can’t use the celphone in the classromm
  4. You aren’t allowed to eat or drink here
  5. You have to bring your books Everydays
  6. You have to clean your chair desks 
  7. You can’t speak went teacher talk
  8. You are allowed to go the bathorom