When she was young she had short hair, she had black and curly hair .Now she have                                  blond and straight hair .before she used to use strange clothes and now she have style in the fashion world .After  she didn’t have surgeries,now she have lot of surgeries and use Botox .when she was young her face was more wide and now she have thin  face


Employee announcement

I am pleased to announce the appointment  of Melissa as our new translator for Portuguese and Mexico .Melissa works in Muebles Zapotlan.she was  translator for Mexico .she is the sales person  she speak English and mandarin .She born in Portuguese . She is observant at work .She is very serious and works. Please she needs this job in this company…¡!

My favorite place

                                                                                               My favorite place is the casa de los pasteles .it´s very nice but the place es the casa de los pasteles .you can drink delicious caffe and eat rich cake .This place is very famous in ciudad guzman .the friends and couples talk and play there .It has more branches in ciudad guzman .You can eat baguettes and empanadas .The place is in fromt of the downtown .The casa de los pasateles is the place where you can meet people every one goes to  casa de los pasteles . There  are  many cakes in this place make the cakes and sodas .The cooks are very friendly and  quick.You can buy cakes for a party .The place is good .

My vacation

HI cousin . I went to the beach in the morning with my family.The weather wasn’t nice because i was hot .I sang with my sister juliett .I ate  cake because my father had a birthday party .on hotel there are many restautanst and there´s a loot of people .My family swan in the beach .I studied for my test.I stayed at the beach there days. maria jose bought souvenirs for her friends.I visited the hrbor across from the hotel.the next day the weather was verry cold.  Saturday we went back to guzman city .I greet the family for tlaxcala

My family

My family is very fun. We’re six people, my father is name is Hugo. He’s traveling the weekends because my mother is sick. He likes action movies, candy, cake and Mexican food .He dislikes vegetables. My mother is name matilde she cooks n the morning and she is take care of baby in the afternoon. She works as the receptions and sales person with my father. She likes soup operas and movies. She dislikes bread. I have three sisters. Their names are Juliet, Maria José, and Alison. Juliett is studying the university in the ciudad Guzman .Maria José studying in the colegio .she is very funny. She has ten years old. My sister juliett traveling with my father the next weekend. Alison is baby she likes play, eat, and sleep :).She is very small and laugher. Always my parents is working but no have much time to spend with my family but they are always with me .all my family like soup operas and movies

line the my

Karen Benitez Vazquez line …¡!

This is my line  only gives on the linck 🙂


last weekend

The last weekend  I was  Hawaiian classes  still do not know much but I try to push myself every day more was class  spinning . I worked in morning today and  afternoon  studied  English . The Monday I was a coffee with my friends ate a cake the chocolate I saw the movie harry potter 3 .The other day not leave 😦 .  I was week boring  and sad but died the dog my friends Luis 😦  the friday .

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